How to Recognize a Parent of a Gifted Child

Parents learning how to live with a gifted child have a few tell-tale signs. Just like you can usually spot parents of multiples (all those same-size car seats in the minivan are the usual giveaway) there are clues to recognizing these parents. They’re on a first name … Read more

Who Cares About Your Kid’s Lego Robot? I Do!

Gifted kids building with Legos

Over the weekend I had the good fortune to talk with another parent of a gifted child who’s new to navigating all the challenges. Remember how scary it was when you realized your child’s educational was going to be a bit tougher than usual? My Kid Doesn’t Play … Read more

3rd Grade Parent-Teacher Conference

Butterflies  I wasn’t looking forward to this year’s first parent-teacher conference. I’m not sure why. I worked on preparing and organizing my thoughts but still felt nervous. Most likely because we had never discussed with the teacher her views on gifted education. I … Read more