Ten Things I Want My Gifted Daughter to Know

10 Things I want my gifted daughter to know

She's getting ready to turn 10. It's a milestone and those don't come around as often as when they're little. No more first steps or first words to celebrate. Now the milestones slip by almost unnoticed. Like when I saw her not be annoyed by the little kid but she took … Read more

Should You Take a Child to a Funeral?

Should you take a child to a funeral?

We recently had a death in the family. Like most families in this situation we had to decide if we should take our daughter to the funeral. I attended my first funeral at age eight. My favorite babysitter, Jeff, died in a tragic car accident when he was still in high … Read more

Parents of Gifted Children: The Silent Minority

Gifted parents - the silent minority

That’s how I think many parents of gifted children think of themselves. The National Association of Gifted Children reports that the academically gifted make up approximately 6% of the K-12 students - so there just aren’t a lot of us. I found out pretty early – as … Read more