Talking Gifted Education: Katherine C.

Common Mom Interview: Katherine C

Katherine is a working mom, and she and her husband have two beautiful boys ages 6 and 2. She just completed her doctorate in education and works in higher education. Like most of us, learning she's raising a gifted child took her by surprise.   1. What led … Read more

3 of the Best Kid Movies You May Have Missed

Best miyazaki kid movies

I love movies. Maybe I should say films because that sounds more cultured. Whatever. I'm not kidding myself, I'm not that cultured. I love going to the movies and munching on Sno Caps, the best movie candy (not film candy) of all time. I know you probably don't agree with … Read more

Seven Interesting Things About ~ Alan Turing

Seven Interesting Things...Alan Turing

Did a quick read of Common Sense Media's review of the Imitation Game and despite the recommendation for kids at least 13 I took my┬ánine-year old daughter. As a parent of a gifted child I love sharing movies with her about people she can relate to. The movie's about a … Read more