3 of the Best Kid Movies You May Have Missed

I love movies. Maybe I should say films because that sounds more cultured. Whatever. I’m not kidding myself, I’m not that cultured.

I love going to the movies and munching on Sno Caps, the best movie candy (not film candy) of all time. I know you probably don’t agree with that opinion but I stand by it. It’s an escapism that I don’t get to take advantage of often enough.

Best miyazaki kid movies

Miyazaki Movie Marathon

There are some movies I go to just because of who the director is or who the actors are. I trust Martin Scorsese. Meryl Streep rarely lets me down. I would never think of missing a Daniel Day-Lewis movie. Although it does seem like I really should call his movies films.

Benedict Cumberbatch is quickly becoming my new must see actor.

The same goes for animated movies. It’s much less embarrassing to go see them now that I have a child but I admit to having seen Toy Story on a date. Loved the movie but the date was a bust.

Just like finding books that are challenging enough for a gifted child yet still age appropriate, finding the best kid movies can be tough. In the past we’ve looked to some of the Hollywood classics but we still love children’s movies.

When Pixar has a new release my daughter and I grab the Sno Caps and settle in for a couple of hours. For the record my favorite is Wall-E and hers is Finding Nemo.

You may not have heard of another cinematic favorite of ours. Hayao Miyazaki, the Japanese animator whose movies are simply magical. I remember seeing Ponyo for the first time and feeling transported. I’m not used to having cartoons making me feel that way.

Each one of his movies is old-school handcrafted animation with little or no CGI. They’re created in the Japanese anime tradition and are immediately recognizable from the usual animated movies at the multi-plex.

You should check them out. You can find them on Amazon (nope – these are aren’t affliate links).

These are three of his best kid movies and our personal favorites.

Ponyo – aimed at younger kids but older kids will enjoy it as well. Perfect for those who love the sea and ecology.


My Neighbor Totoro – friendship tale. Incredible imagery.


Princess Mononoke – for kids that can handle epic battle scenes.

So, grab the Sno Caps and enjoy your Miyazaki movie marathon!

What are your favorite animated movies that we may not have seen?