Summer Camp Scholarships

When doing research for a list of summer camps for gifted kids I was amazed at the wide array of programs available. Whoa! Your camper can participate in a course on the Great Books, International Affairs and Policy and more engineering programs than you can imagine.

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Academic Summer Camp Scholarships

As you can guess these high quality programs come at a hefty price. At lease some (most) of them do. But, don’t let that stop you from exploring these incredible opportunities. Many of them offer financial aid and/or grants. I didn’t even know this was a thing! Several are quite reasonably priced and a few are at no cost to the family. Sweet.

But wait, there’s more! In the search I came across scholarships for some of these programs. Who knew this was a thing? Not me but you better believe I’m keeping this in mind for when my camper is ready for big kid camp.

Frank Minolli Foundation

The Joyce Ivy Foundation

There are some geographical restrictions and these scholarships are only good for certain programs. I don’t think anyone would mind attending the qualifying programs. They sound amazing.

Oh, the scholarships are only for young women. Sorry, guys.

Qualifying Programs

  • Barnard – Summer in the City
  • Brown – Pre-College, Leadership, Summer Session Credit Courses
  • Cornell – Architecture, Art & Design, Business, Computer/Info Science, Dual Programs, Engineering, Environmental Studies, History & Politics, Humanities, Law & Government, Medicine, Psychology, Research & Science, Vet Med/Animal Science
  • Emory – Two-week, three-week, and six-week programs
  • Harvard – Eight-week programs
  • Johns Hopkins – Summer University, Discover Hopkins
  • MIT – MITES, Women’s Technology Program
  • Smith – Summer Science and Engineering Program, Hidden Lives: Discovering Women’s History, and Young Women’s Writing Workshop
  • Stanford – Pre-Collegiate Studies
  • Washington University – Summer Scholars Pre-College Program
  • Yale – Yale Young Global Scholars

Applications are due March 1.

Good luck!



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