Anarchy in the Elementary School Car Line

Recently while waiting in the elementary school car line I found myself pondering what I consider to be nothing less than anarchy taking place right in front of me and what that means to the children of the anarchist parents.Anarchy in the Elementary School Car Line

Ok. That may be a bit dramatic but here’s the thing, if you’re unable to successfully navigate the rules of the car line I honestly question your ability to raise a child who’s able to successfully navigate the big wide world on their own.

Going Rogue

The signs (there are several) clearly indicate to pull up so that long line of cars behind you can also pull up and not stick out in the road – blocking traffic and disrupting the commute of all the rule-abiding people who’re on their way to jobs, Starbucks, or yoga. Or maybe back to bed.

So, when you decide that your little person can’t manage to walk the additional 50 feet from the designated drop off spot to the school entrance you create a cascade of problems. Problems ranging from messing with my blood pressure to creating a generation of entitled children who don’t know the meaning of resilience.

There are a few parents (mostly just me) that wait for the rogues to let their precious cargo out at the front entrance and pull up to the designated spot. Part of that is I want to set a good example for not only my daughter but for other parents who may not have completely committed to the rogue lifestyle. But mostly it’s because my kid is an even bigger rule follower than I am and wouldn’t get out of the car early even if I wanted her to. This may also be affecting my blood pressure.

Car Line Lessons

Seriously, what does this behavior teach your kids? The rules don’t apply to you or them? They’re too delicate to walk those extra 50 feet? That they (you) are more important than the 40 other families behind you?

We’re not talking about a once in a while behavior. This is every single school day. What other rules of civil behavior are these anarchists teaching their children? Parking in the designated handicap spots at Chuck E. Cheese?

I bet these parents also value all those participatory trophies that permeate elementary sports. I bet they’re the ones who are on Facebook saying how proud they are of their kids because they won some random contest that required no effort. I bet (know) these are the parents who don’t understand why I always pull up to where I’m supposed to, always make my kid walk the extra 50 feet, and could care less about a trophy that means absolutely nothing.

When you routinely disregard rules about something as simple as a car line you rob your child of knowing that walking 50 feet, even in the rain, is no big deal. They also may learn just a little bit about grit, resilience and respect for others.

I’m talking to you dark blue Toyota Highlander. I bet your kids end up living in your basement. Forever. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: Car make and model has been changed to protect the guilty. And me.


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