Summer Math Camps for Elementary Students

Summer Math Camps

Summer can be an opportunity to explore geometry, algebra or number theory as well as making new friends and enjoying the sunshine.

Summer Math Camps for Younger Kids

Check out these summer math camps just for younger kids!

Looking for something for older students? Check out this comprehensive list of Math Summer Camps.

Has your student been to one of these math camps? Share your experience in the comments or let us know if there’s a math camp that should be added to the list.

Iowa Acceleration Scale and Grade Acceleration

Iowa Acceleration Scale

You think your child is ready for grade acceleration (grade skipping) but maybe you, and or the school, aren't sure? There's a tool for that. What is the IAS? The Iowa Acceleration Scale: A Guide for Whole-Grade Acceleration K-8 from the Belin-Blank Center at the … Read more

Is My Child Gifted?

Ruf Estimates of Levels of Gifted

Is my child gifted? It's a common question most don't want to admit to asking because all kids are gifted. Right? No, they’re not. Many parents begin to think their kid may not be like others when comparing milestones with kids of a similar age. Maybe their … Read more