My name is Lynda and I am the common mom thanks to one uncommon daughter. We live in the Midwest, St. Louis is out metro area and where we go for barbecue. We also go for math classes, movie theaters with reclining seats, and museums and shows. But the barbecue is a big draw.

What I Blog About

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The uncommon child

The Common Mom started as a place to have the conversations I wish I could have had before I needed them. You can read about how our journey of raising a gifted child began here.

I share my experiences and resources and connect with other families on the same path. I do talk about all things gifted but my daughter is more than just an IQ score and this blog reflects that. Yes, you’ll find lots of stuff about gifted education, and education in general, but lots of other things, too.

Let’s Chat

Have something to share with me? Maybe some constructive (be gentle!) comments? Want to partner on a project?

I’d love to hear from you!

You can contact me here or at therealcommonmom (@) gmail.com.

I’m also on Twitter and Facebook. If you’re really anxious to get in touch with me, and why wouldn’t you be, a Facebook message is probably the fastest way to get my attention.

Favorite Posts

These are some of my favorite posts and will give you an idea of what to expect here.

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Parents of Gifted Children: The Silent Minority

My hope is that you find something useful here and that you share your own stories and wisdom.

I look forward to the conversations!