Spelling Bee Lessons

Spelling bee

The school spelling bee was yesterday. It was epic. I should've worn stronger antiperspirant. We've not had good luck with school spelling bees. The first was in 2nd grade but she was young having skipped 1st grade. She didn't really get that there are no second chances … Read more

Museum Manners – Ten Tips

We visited an art museum last weekend. Visiting museums, whether they be art, natural history, children's - whatever, is a foundational method to expose children to the greater world around them. We've found museum trips can be a lifesaver when raising a gifted child as they … Read more

The Activity Gap and Gifted Students

Activity gap and gifted children

A recent article in The Atlantic, The Activity Gap, struck a nerve with me and got me thinking. The article is about how kids living in poverty are at a disadvantage from not being able to access the enrichment opportunities. I believe and agree with this. What the … Read more