Parent-Teacher Conferences: Advocating for Your Gifted Child

Four Steps for Success Prepare Knowledge is power so make sure you know your facts before your meeting. Know what your district provides for gifted education. Is there a policy on grade acceleration or single-subject acceleration? Have your child’s test scores readily … Read more

New York Times Misses the Mark on Accelerating the Gifted Child

Jessica Lahey, a blogger for the New York Times, recently wrote a post, Against Accelerating the Gifted Child,  questioning if acceleration is really what we (society, educators, who?) want for gifted children. I can only surmise that Ms. Lahey is not the parent of a gifted … Read more

How Our Journey Began

gifted child

I know most new parents assume their child will be probably be curing cancer by the time they get their drivers license but that wasn't the case with me. My darling girl was born two months early and so after reading all the scary things that can plague preemies I was just … Read more