The Quiz Bowl Incident

Quiz Bowl Incident

My daughter joined the district quiz bowl team this spring. She loves it. No, I mean she LOVES it. Fist pumps and happy dances after a correct answer loves it. Her teammates are her peeps. Most of them are boys and in the gifted program. They don't know she's about … Read more

Book Review: Educating Your Gifted Child

Educating Your Gifted Child

I never thought I'd consider homeschooling until I began to experience firsthand the inadequacies of schools in dealing with gifted children. The past year the thought that homeschooling may be a viable option has been looming ever larger in my mind. Reading Celi … Read more

Science Videos for Kids: Physics

Science Videos for kids

Remember back in school and the teacher would roll in the audio/visual cart and you knew you were going to spend the next hour watching an educationalĀ film? I loved those days! Especially when they were about science. I was quite sure I was going to be an astronaut. … Read more