There Is Crying in T-Ball

Our T-Ball Story

I know, I know; not all gifted kids are bookworms. Many are out there kicking soccer balls on Saturday, shooting hoops in the driveway, or turning cartwheels until their head spins. When I knew I was going to have a daughter I thought my weekends for the next several years … Read more

First Play Date Rules

I should’ve known my daughter was a rule follower when she had her first play date. We had just moved to a new neighborhood and there was a little boy her age next door. Soon, my three-year old daughter invited him over for a play date. I have to admit I was more excited … Read more

The American Girl Doll and a Lesson in Envy

The American Girl Doll and a Lesson in Envy

Have you seen your child experience new emotions for the first time? When they’re little and meet Santa for the first time. Maybe you’ve seen it when they start school and they bravely go off to kindergarten. It probably happens when they first get twitterpated but I don’t … Read more