Am I Gifted or Autistic?

Gifted or Autistic?

The best conversations with my daughter come when I least expect them. Usually I'm chauffeuring her somewhere and she's reading in the backseat. I find she's most forthcoming if I don't press too much, eventually it all comes out. You know, when you finally hear about … Read more

Anxiety and Parenting a Gifted Child

Anxiety and Parenting a Gifted Child

We all want our kids to meet their potential. The problem is when you know your child has SO much potential the pressure is tremendous┬áto be sure you're doing the right thing. All parents worry and have anxiety over their kids but I'm not sure it's over the same issues as … Read more

Thinking of Grade Acceleration? 8 Things to Consider

One Tool to Provide Academic Challenge Grade acceleration. Skipping a grade. Double Promotion. They all mean the same thing - accelerated learning for your child. When you have gifted student the thought of moving them up a grade inevitably crosses your mind. It was an … Read more